Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s cut through the jargon and explain some of the terms we use.

Glossary – All you need to know about paper sizes

A0          1189 x 840mm

A1            840 x 594mm

A2            594 x 841mm

A3            420 x 297mm

A4            297 x 210mm

A5            210 x 148mm

A6            148 x 105mm


SRA1       640 x 900mm

SRA2       450 x 640mm

SRA3       320 x 450mm

SRA4       225 x 320mm


An abbreviation for cyan, magenta, yellow and black – the four process ink colours used to create all colours in print

Digital proof
A proof produced directly from a computer, often in Acrobat PDF format. Care must be taken when considering digital proofs due to colour consistency.

Encapsulation protects documents from hard ware.

Hill shading
A technique used to simulate the effect of lighting on the landscape of a map so that the topography appears to be in 3D – see also topography below..

Laminated prints
A clear coating applied to printed sheets to give either a matt or gloss finish. Usually applied to the outer covers of brochures. Laminates help protect the document from moisture and ware, as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

Location map
A map specifically created to show the location of an office or retail park, including a route / direction planner.

Physical map
Colouring is used on the map to hi-light altitudes, for example, between 0 > 200 metres, green, 200 > 500 metres , yellow and above 500 metres, brown.

Political map
A map that shows each country in a different colour to hi-light the territory of each country.

Promotional maps
A map created to hi-light a national or International business, usually including their company logo and sales offices, manufacturing units or distribution network.

A copy of a print job prior to printing to ensure that there are no errors and to show how the printed product will appear. Proofs can be supplied in digital format (PDF by email) or a hard copy, printed.

Spot colour
A spot colour is an extra or special colour that is used in addition to the CMYK four colour process and is often referred to as a Pantone colour.

This relates to the size of the map in relation to the actual size on the ground . For example 1:1million means one unit of length on the map relates to one million units of length on the ground, for example 1 inch shown on the map equates to one million inches on the ground.
Maps also often incorporate a scale bar indicating the distance of either a mile or a kilometre on the map.

Topographical map
A map showing the geographical detail of a region, often used in maps showing contours.

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