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Financial Services

Mapping & Cartographic services

Hi-lighting on a map your national or international presence gives customer’s confidence in your overall commitment and ability to meet their needs. Be it to show your financial services network of

offices, manufacturing, distribution centres and sales offices or to show the logistical service levels your able to offer – all can play an important roll within your marketing mix.

This dovetails beautifully with a simple “how to find us” map, especially if you are promoting multiple retail outlets or distribution centres.

A map, whether it’s on your office wall, website, smart phone or in someone’s pocket, tells people that you care and that you want to make life easier

      Location map       Savills       .

Some of the maps we can create for you

Here are some ways in which a corporate gift can promote your own company:-

Local, National, International or Time Zone maps
Physical or Political
3D hand drawn maps
Location maps
Maps for major sporting events, Round the world Yacht races
Football & Rugby world cups
Printed – folded and pocket maps
Printed map folders
Wall maps – printed, laminated and framed
Wall maps – printed on clear acrylic or fabric 
Website mapping and maps for brochures
Map Roller blinds

Map Roller Blinds

Our maps can be printed onto high quality vinyl fabric and fitted to a Roller Blind mechanism for fitting to office or conference room walls or windows.

The roller blind is manufactured in high quality materials, with an aluminium roller tube, metal loop chain and supplied complete with wall fixtures.

The maps are fitted with a weight bar at the bottom of the map to maintain tension


Acrylic Wall Maps

Acrylic wall mapOur acrylic wall maps are produced on the finest quality 8mm clear gloss acrylic.

The maps are supplied with rounded corners, flame polished edges and pre-drilled for wall mounting. Brush aluminium spacers are supplied.

The maps are printed in full colour on a white background to achieve a dynamic visual effect.


Corporate and Promotional merchandise

We offer more than 5,000 ways in which you can make a lasting impression to either your clients or future prospects.

LB Marketing corporate gifts


To send as an ice breaker to a new prospect
To say thank you for a meeting or enquiry
To use in conjunction with mail shots
To support your own marketing activities
To promote a new service
An exhibition give away or, to motivate your own company personnel


Adding your brand name to a useful corporate and practical gift is an exercise in engagement and relationship building.

Browse our catalogue, if you can’t see what you are looking for – please get in touch  

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